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Hi everyone!
I absent for a long time but I have one excuse!
I was busy preparing for the performance on Hinode convent. (
I am and my husband were preparing costumes and perfomance from The legend of Zelda: twilight princess for the 
russian qualifying round of the World Cosplay Summit.

Link (Magic armor) by neko-tin
video of our Perfomens

You will learn that it was a difficult and lengthy work if look at my instagramm

Our team won first place!

And now we are preparing to represent Russia in Nagoya!

You'll see me in Japan this summer with cosplay))

I am often asked whether I have page on FB.
I always answer that I do not use it, but now I will often appear there ;)

I know - I'am a very bad girl! XD

 Yes, I was gone for a long time and many of your there worried.
I want to assure you I'm fine! Thank you for your attention to me! Just recently I had a lot of important things: ((
I had time to take a trip to Japan with cosplay!

Akiba by tajfu
And as I was one of the organizers of the big convent in my city -  Panicon!


5th Element - Stewardess by neko-tin


Please forgive me! You can look at my life in my instagram

Where I often photograph my cosplay in progress

You are welcome to enter photocosplay contest at Panicon! 2013. Any origin of the costume is allowed, including Japanese fashion and original designs. Number of works from one contestant isn't limited. Here are full rules…
Косплееры! Не упустите шанс выиграть бесплатную поездку в Лондон на крупнейший косплей-ивент MCM Expo! 17 августа 2013 на фестивале Panicon! будет проходить отборочный тур европейского конкурса Eurocosplay. Победитель отправится в Лондон защищать честь российских  косплееров в финале конкурса. Подать заявку можно до 6 июля
Contemporary Russian Photography: From Mystery to Poetry and Back (Photography and Media Art based on Photography). It will be held in the 5th Seoul PHOTO 2013 in April. For the first time will be presented Maria Kozanova ( ) project "Russian playing cosplay"

It is big art project, not about cosplay, but about people in cosplay!
I was involved in it all  2012 year, and I was like that I participated in the creation of this masterpiece of Art ! Many thanks for our Photo Artist - Mari!
Unfortunately, I can not be present at the exhibition, but on many photos you can see me! And I'll be happy if one of my watchers  will visit this exhibition)
Hi! Recently, unfortunately I do not have much of time to its galleries and journal T__T I really have not written notes from the various works of employment and organization. But I am very glad that in spite of that my  watchers encourage me!
Happy New Year! I wish you love, luck and make you dreams came true!
And a little summary  10 of my most popular devianted for 2012 year:

1. Samus Aran by neko-tin
2. Utena 1 by neko-tin
3. Samus Aran prepared by neko-tin
4. outer senshi 1 by neko-tin 5. Samus and Link - Igromir 2012 by neko-tin  6. Utena without logo by neko-tin 7. outer senshi 2 by neko-tin 8. Utena 5 by neko-tin 9. Samus's eyes by neko-tin  10. Utena 7 by neko-tin
We did this photoshoot! We were on the roof of a 14-storey building in the center of Kaliningrad. It was very early in the 6 - Am. I had to get up at 4 am to prepare for the photo session (((and we are very cold as it was the beginning of April.
But it was worth all of our efforts!
Me as Uranus as Pluto
Haruhi as Neptune

Special thank to Marico for photos and Hokuto  for help, heat and love!
outer senshi 3 by neko-tin

outer senshi 1 by neko-tin outer senshi 2 by neko-tin outer senshi 4 by neko-tin Outer Senshi 6 by neko-tin Outer Senshi 5 by neko-tin
I wanted to make a velvet dress based on Japanese fashion  design  for long time, three to four years. I had the opportunity to do a year ago.
I made a photo session in this dress last spring. XD I'm not a lolita and dress is not truly canonical. I tried to make the most appropriate photosession, so do not blame me much)

Photo by Tarbaev

Red - 1 by neko-tin
red - 4 by neko-tinred - 3 by neko-tinred - 2 by neko-tinred - 5 by neko-tinred - 4 by neko-tinred - 6 by neko-tinred - 8 by neko-tinred - 7 by neko-tin
Hi guys!
I wanted to tell about a big event in my hometown. Panicon! is a multicultural convention with a EuroCosplay qualifier. It's going to take place in Kaliningrad, Russia, and I'd like to invite all of you to come. Though I understand that Russia is far far away Т_Т But if you are from Poland or Lithuania, it takes only 5 to 8 hours to get to Kaliningrad ^_^

For those who can't be there in person Panicon opens a photocosplay contest.
Here's a Facebook page:
The contest will be judged by famous russian cosplayers and photographers:
Alexander.Gundamer :icongod-gundamer:
Michail Dykonov :icondyakonov:
Maria Kozhanova
P.L. :iconmrsgnob:
tajfu :icontajfu:
Many cosplayers often talked about lately.
So I created a page where…

I will be glad to see you there))
red - 4 by neko-tin
Sorry, I could not write for some reasons(((

This is a record about Lightning fotosession.

First of all I will say that I love Lightning, so I had to work hard for this cosplay.  I could not forgive myself for any errors, so I even had to remake costume for several times. Finally, it came out not so bad, though far from my goddes - Lightning)
In November 2011 I was in Moscow and certainly had not miss the chance to make photos on the background of the Moscow Business Center XD!
It's a bit ironic, since the Moscow Business Center a popular place for photographing  all Moscow cosplayers)
But I really dreamed of shooting Lightning at this place, cause it conveys the atmosphere of the game best of all. We were not lucky with the weather, it was about 8 degrees C and rain. You can see some puddles on the ground and raindrops on my costume. But I know that we have not a chance to take photos there later, cause we have to leave Moscow the next day.
In the end, everything turned out well (although I was a bit frozen) -
somber sky and skyscrapers, disappearing in heavy clouds, creates a right atmosphere.
Photographer was Maxim Chechenev. He uses the flash pulse, so it  look like I was separated from the background.

FF XIII 14 by neko-tin FF XIII 15 by neko-tin FF XIII 16 by neko-tin FF XIII 17 by neko-tin FF XIII 18 by neko-tin FF XIII 19 by neko-tin FF XIII 20 by neko-tin FF XIII 21 by neko-tin FF XIII 22 by neko-tin

One thousand and one piece

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 3, 2012, 3:05 PM


Some time ago I started to submit photos with Nami cosplay and finally i have full set)
Photoshoot took place in September 2011 at arabic-style cafe called "One thousand and one night". We started shoting at 9.00 a.m. in order not to disturb customers.

Photographer - Pavel Tarbaev

Nami -  I am
Vivi - Hokuto
Hancock by tajfu

nami 5 by neko-tin nami 6 by neko-tin nami 7 by neko-tin nami 8 by neko-tin nami 9 by neko-tin  nami 10 by neko-tin nami 11 by neko-tin  nami 12 by neko-tin nami 13 by neko-tin  Nami x Vivi by neko-tin  nami 14 by neko-tin  Nami x Vivi 2 by neko-tin one piece girls by neko-tin  nami 15 by neko-tin one piece girls-band by neko-tin nami 15 by neko-tin Nami x Vivi 3 by neko-tinnami 16 by neko-tin Nami x Vivi 3 by neko-tin nami 16 by neko-tin one piece girls-band 2 by neko-tin nami 17 by neko-tin one piece girls-2 by neko-tin

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
It's sad to say, but now I can't spend much time here due to various circumstances.
And lately I've been more and more thinking about premium membership. What do you think about it?
Happy New Year! I wish you love, luck and make you dreams came true!
Thank you all for encouragement!!! I promise to be more interesting in the 2012)

And a little summary - 10 of my most popular devianted for 2011 year:

1. FF XIII 12 by neko-tin
2. Eva 2 by neko-tin
3. FF XIII 9 by neko-tin
4. FF XIII 14 by neko-tin 5. nami 11 by neko-tin 6. nami 7 by neko-tin
7. high school Farron sisters by neko-tin 8. nami 6 by neko-tin 9. Black Lady 14 by neko-tin
10. Black Lady 12 by neko-tin
We've made a FLCL photoshoot in the early fall. It was pretty sudden because I haven't planned it and didn't think I will wear Haruka's costume again.
Our main purpose was to show the craziness and dynamic of that anime and make not so typical photoshoot. We've decided to work with rumours about female-Vespa attacking schoolboys in FLCL manga.
And this is the result of it.
FLCL - 1 by neko-tin FLCL - 2 by neko-tin FLCL - 3 by neko-tin FLCL -  5 by neko-tin FLCL -  6 by neko-tin FLCL -  7 by neko-tin FLCL -  8 by neko-tin FLCL -  11 by neko-tin FLCL -  12 by neko-tin FLCL -  13 by neko-tin FLCL -  15 by neko-tin FLCL -  14 by neko-tin FLCL -  18 by neko-tin FLCL -  17 by neko-tin FLCL -  21 by neko-tin FLCL -  20 by neko-tin FLCL -  19 by neko-tin FLCL -  23 by neko-tin FLCL -  24 by neko-tin FLCL -  25 by neko-tin

Photo by
Polina Ruzanova

Kudos to our boys victims!
Finally I completed this photoset wich we made in August 2010.
Photoshooting started in early morning, so we forced to get up about 4 a.m., but the result was worth it.

Black Moon Family

Photo by Kron

Black Lady 29 by neko-tin Black Lady 27 by neko-tin
Black Lady 15 by neko-tin Black Lady 16 by neko-tin Black Lady 20 by neko-tin Black Lady 17 by neko-tin Black Lady 24 by neko-tin Black Lady 21 by neko-tinBlack Lady 23 by neko-tin Black Lady 25 by neko-tin Black Lady 28 by neko-tin  Black Lady 26 by neko-tin Black Lady 23 by neko-tin Black Lady 11 by neko-tin Black Lady 12 by neko-tin Black Lady 13 by neko-tin Black Lady 14 by neko-tin  Black Lady 22 by neko-tin Black Lady 18 by neko-tin Black Lady 19 by neko-tin
Are you remember me as mermaid princess Aquell from the game "A Witch's tale"  on Nintendo DS ?

Aquell 3 by neko-tin Aquell 7 by neko-tin Aquell 2 by neko-tin

Nichi had long wanted to make Jaberwock from the same game and finally we did the photoshoot!

Costume and make-up - me
Camera - Pavel Tarbaev
Model - Nichi

Jabberwocky 5 by neko-tin Jabberwocky 1 by neko-tin Jabberwocky 2 by neko-tin Jabberwocky 3 by neko-tin Jabberwocky 4 by neko-tin Jabberwocky 6 by neko-tin Jabberwocky 7 by neko-tin Jabberwocky 7 by neko-tin
^_^  V
This November  the first  photocosplay exhibition in Russia took place in Moscow. It participated many cosplayers and photographers from all over Russia, such as


and many others

I was lucky to be among the participants.

Here my photos:

FF XIII 9 by neko-tin soul 2 by neko-tin sm1 by neko-tin sm 2 by neko-tin macross 9 by neko-tin

And we even won two Awards! Second place from jury for  Lightning (FF XIII) cosplay. And a special prize from Reanimedia fest for  Soul Eater cosplay.
Finally I gather together and separated all photos from Ranma photoshoot, which occured in 2010.

I wasn't in the frame, but I was photographer's assistant. Also I did make-up for Ranma-kun, Ranma-chan and Akane-chan and costumes for both Ranmas and Genma.

Photo by Kron

Ranma and Ranma - Nichi and Zyuka
Akane - Vis
Champoo - Hokuto
Genma - Amfer

  Ranma 11 by neko-tin Ranma 10 by neko-tin Ranma 12 by neko-tin Ranma 8 by neko-tin Ranma 9 by neko-tin Ranma 2 by neko-tin ranma 1 by neko-tin Ranma 5 by neko-tin Ranma 3 by neko-tin Ranma 4 by neko-tin Ranma 7 by neko-tin Ranma 13 by neko-tin Ranma 14 by neko-tin
Anyfest Victory 2011

On 16th of October our group took part in the Anyfest Victory in Saint Petersburg.
We won Gran-prix for our cosplay perfomance "The figure story" based on Shunya Yamashita's artworks. It was a story about figurines, which were left alone on the table.

Yamashita cosplay by neko-tin  Petra X Cocona by neko-tin

Me - Petra
Nichi - Kechiro
Chi - Arisa
Haruhi - Naomi - Cocona
and hokuto


Also me and Nichi showed action defile with Tekken cosplay. Me as Anna Williams and Nichi as Lei Wulong.

Lei vs Anna by neko-tin